7 Punk Songs by Democrats

Yesterday, we published a list of punk jams by republican musicians.  Today, we’ll be rattling off some songs from those on the other end of the political spectrum.  Unsurprisingly, this list could have had a couple more songs, but we like to appear somewhat unbiased so here’s seven punk songs by democrats.


Dead Kennedys-“Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

Jello Biafra is registered with the Green Party.  While not technically a democrat, Biafra is definitely more left-leaning.  This song is pretty straightforward punk rock, and it sums up some of the ideals that punks hold close to their hearts.


The Clash-“I’m So Bored with the USA”

Despite Joe Strummer’s UK roots, he has been noted to be a more left leaning musician.  This song in particular is more critical of war and the United States’ government.  I can’t imagine Trump or Hillary walking out to this song any time soon.


Propaghandi-“A People’s History of the World”

This jam from the Canadian punks features more anarchistic lyrics, but it’s extremely critical about class struggle and the difficulty to break it.  The band also is incredibly critical of the abuse of power within government.  Another thrashy track that politicians can’t use as their official campaign song.


Green Day-“Holiday”

This American Idiot classic is one of Green Day’s most political and catchiest singles to date.  Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, has increased his political voice ever since the 2004 album.  On Instagram, Armstrong has been posting anti-Trump posts, and despite not making his views known explicitly, it’s probably safe to assume he leans left.


The Wonder Years-“Dynamite Shovel”

This Upsides song was the lone political track on the band’s breakthrough album, and it’s hardly a minute of a scathing diatribe against religious hate.  Dan Campbell also sported Bernie Sanders’ shirts for many recent live appearances.  While he hasn’t spoken about the current nominees, I believe his views fall in line with the Democratic party.


Against Me!-“White Crosses”

            Laura Jane Grace’s music more recently has focused on gender politics as opposed to the anarchist-punk of early Against Me!  This 2007 song would definitely make Mike Pence’s blood boil.  In 23 Live Sex Acts, Grace introduces this as a pro-choice song, but the word “anthem” seems more fitting.


letlive.-“Good Mourning, America”

This is the most recent song on this list, and letlive’s increasingly political lyrics are welcomed.  This song is very much inspired by the victims of police brutality, and Jason Butler’s message is affirmed in the t-shirt letlive. released featuring the song’s title and the names of victims of violence (http://kingsroadmerch.com/letlive/view/?id=9893&cid=716).  With a song like “Good Mourning, America” or Butler’s verse on The Wonder Years’ “Stained Glass Ceilings,” letlive. have set themselves as some of the most important voices in rock music today.

Check out our list of punk songs by Republicans, and listen to these songs on Spotify.

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