Black Mirror (Season 4)

When Black Mirror began airing in 2011, it inevitably drew comparisons to The Twilight Zone.  The hyperbolic narratives served as warnings of our technological advancements the same way Rod Serling chided its viewers’ morality.  Creator Charlie Brooker also tended to take the page from Serling’s book of leaving an ominous cliffhanger ending.  When Netflix released the third season though, the series had undergone a number of changes: flamboyant colors, American accents, and a few happy endings.  “San Junipero” is one of the most widely beloved episodes to come from Black Mirror, and it has a remarkably positive ending.  Even the ending of the film-length “Hated in the Nation” leaves a viewer with a sense of pride.  The fourth season takes the satisfying ending and runs with it, more often for the better.

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