Old Menaces: How To Abandon Your Fanbase, While Still Making Millions



The date is October 4, 2009: Blink-182 has recently reunited.  They’re finishing up a massive tour with Fall Out Boy opening for them at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  Before FOB launch into their signature closer, “Saturday,” Pete Wentz declares, “This is the death of the emo haircut,” before handing his bass to a stagehand.  Mark Hoppus enters the stage.  Wentz sits down, and Hoppus shaves his head.  Wentz jumps up at his cue, and screams his parts in “Saturday” like he always does.  You could say this is the moment that everything went wrong.  You could say Blink-182’s original breakup was the moment it all went wrong.  You could also say Green Day’s American Idiot was, or even Dookie, or New Found Glory releasing “It’s Not Your Fault,” but for the sake of argument, Mark Hoppus shaving Pete Wentz’s black locks was the moment that ruined it all. Continue reading

Tom Delonge has emailed the Hillary Clinton campaign


The 2016 Election Cycle continues to be batshit insane, as Wikileaks shows the former blink-182 lead vocalist has emailed Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Tom Delonge has long been a believer in intelligent life, and in recent months, a seemingly delusional Delonge claims to have spoken about to government agents.  One email notes a number of projects moving forward.  The other mentions Roswell and a general involved in the conspiracy.