The Littlest Viking-Feelings & Stuff

On their third full-length, The Littlest Viking explore an array of musical styles with a forceful punk attitude while embracing the precise technicality of twinkly math rock.  Feelings & Stuff is not the most cohesive record, but what the duo lack in consistency, they make up for with a ferocity similar to a Tiny Moving Parts show with more memorable songs. Continue reading

Jetty Bones-Old Women

I hate to make the easy comparison, but this sounds like early Paramore in the best possible way.  The band’s sole consistent member and frontwoman Kelc Galluzzo commands a stage and has a voice that rivals Hayley Williams’.  While 2017 has been a great year for female-fronted bands, most tend to lean towards a punkier or more emo sound, and Jetty Bones are unafraid to embrace a sense of mid-2000’s pop-punk.  The pop embrace is in full effect on the band’s second EP, Old Women. Continue reading