STS: The Witch’s Brew Frap


Savor the Season is a new column from Burger-A-Day where writers discuss seasonal favorites.  Today, we’re talking about Starbucks’ limited new frappuccino just in time for Halloween!

Who says a cash grab can’t be good?  Starbucks’ limited release frappuccinos have been mostly bad, colorful (mainly purple) attempts to sell people aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts with so much sugar they’re undrinkable.  Nonetheless, it is Halloween so I figured if there was a time to try the Bucks’ Witch’s Brew Frap, it was today.  Unlike the Unicorn Frap or the Crystal Ball Frap, Starbucks really made something almost worthwhile. Continue reading

Black Mirror (Season 4)

When Black Mirror began airing in 2011, it inevitably drew comparisons to The Twilight Zone.  The hyperbolic narratives served as warnings of our technological advancements the same way Rod Serling chided its viewers’ morality.  Creator Charlie Brooker also tended to take the page from Serling’s book of leaving an ominous cliffhanger ending.  When Netflix released the third season though, the series had undergone a number of changes: flamboyant colors, American accents, and a few happy endings.  “San Junipero” is one of the most widely beloved episodes to come from Black Mirror, and it has a remarkably positive ending.  Even the ending of the film-length “Hated in the Nation” leaves a viewer with a sense of pride.  The fourth season takes the satisfying ending and runs with it, more often for the better.

Spoilers Ahead: Continue reading

Monday Mixtape: Halloween (The Misfits, Marilyn Manson, Run the Jewels)

The Misfits-“Teenagers from Mars”

Today’s Monday Mixtape lands on All Hallow’s Eve, thus we’ll be giving you a number of Halloween songs to begin with.  What’s a better Halloween band than The Misfits?  While just about any Misfits song could have worked, “Teenagers from Mars” feels like a cheap B-Movie, in the best way.  Crappy horror films are what Halloween is made of, and this is one of The Misfits’ best songs.

Real Friends-“Mess”

I was lucky enough to catch Real Friends on their current tour with The Wonder Years.  “Mess” is one of the best songs on The Home Inside My Head, and it has a pretty great Halloween-themed video.



Is there anything more Halloween than a German, power-metal outfit called Helloween playing a song called “Halloween”


Marilyn Manson-“Man That You Fear”

Marilyn Manson is still one of the kings of Halloween, and this Antichrist Superstar number is an eerie ballad, perfect for a sad Halloween.

Avenged Sevenfold-“Bat Country”

A7X just released a surprise album, but their early work remain to be metalcore staples.  “Bat Country” is just most fitting for Halloween. Continue reading

New York High School on Lockdown after Clown Threats


The Daily News reported a lockdown in a Long Island high school following threats of an attack.  To make matters worse, the threats allegedly came from a clown.  Following clowns jumping in front of cars and clowns lurking around New York towns recently, it seems Long Island has entered into a real-life horror movie situation.  While police deem no credible threats, it seems many people have been on high alert due to the incidents.  As we enter October, there are sure to be more people running around in frightening costumes.  A remake of Stephen King’s It is also set to be released in 2017.