Kanye West Meets with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, Kanye West

Fresh off his hospital visit, Kanye flew to New York to meet with the president-elect, in a truly bizarre year.

Artists Vow to Keep Shows Safe Following Trump’s Election


Following Trump’s election, various artists are calling for help to make their shows safe spaces.  Kevin Devine has called to help anyone who may feel unsafe to contact the God Damn Band, Petal, Julien Baker, Pinegrove or himself.  Mitski posted a similar message on Instagram: Continue reading

10 Songs for 4 years: A Playlist for a Trump Presidency.

Now, the polls have closed. Clinton won the popular vote, but Donald Trump received the majority of electoral votes. He will be our next president. Eight years of progress will be undone once Trump takes office in January. While I legitimately do hope that Trump is a good president, my better senses tell me he won’t be. Even though it seems that no good can come of all of this, some of my favorite music came out of anger for politicians. Here are some songs for a Trump presidency:

Green Day-“Holiday”

American Idiot has been in heavy rotation today. Even though the title track is often used as the marker for discontent, “Holiday” is easily the most political fueled track on the album. Billie Joe has recently been altering the lyrics to include “Pulverize the Donald Trump Towers,” and just as Green Day amplified a nation’s disgust in 2004, this song still rings true. Continue reading

Why America Was Always Great, Is Great, and Will Be Great

6360489455192162291563850737_trumpIn 1964, the U.S. presidential election was between Democratic candidate and incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson, and Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater representing the Republican Party. Senator Goldwater faced a lack of support from within his own party, attacked by both sides as a dangerous and radical extremist. Johnson won the election in a massive landslide, winning 44 states, and the largest gap ever in terms of popular vote.

In 1980, the U.S. presidential election was between Democratic candidate and incumbent Jimmy Carter, and California Governor Ronald Reagan representing the Republican Party. A third candidate, Republican Congressman John Anderson, ran as an independent as once again some within the Republican Party considered their candidate too extreme. John Anderson took 6.6% of the total vote. Carter tried to run his campaigning attacking Reagan as a dangerous, radical, warmongering candidate. Disappointed with the current administration under Carter, Reagan campaigned successfully off depicting a negative image of the country’s current state, and fed off the American people’s fear. Modern day Republicans look at Ronald Reagan as one of their top presidents alongside the likes of Abraham Lincoln, as he sparked the Reagan Revolution, which changed the course of the Republican Party to what it has become today (until Trump, at least). Continue reading

Martin Shkreli premieres unreleased Wu-Tang Clan music

Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC, is sworn in to testify on Capitol Hill in WashingtonIn a tweet last month, pharma-bro Martin Shkreli vowed to release all of his unreleased music to the public if Donald Trump wins the election.  Since, Donald has been elected, Shkreli has begun teasing tracks from Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time In Shaolin. Shkreli is working with Wu-Tang to get a wider release according to Pitchfork.  You can hear a clip from the album below. Continue reading