Andrea Gibson-Take Me With You

                Andrea Gibson is a very good poet.  Their album Hey Galaxy made a pretty large personal impact, and their previous books have generally been pretty good.  This is why Take Me With You feels like such a lazy cash in.  It’s an attempt to sell a very pretty book to an audience that won’t digest poetry in a more traditional form. Continue reading

Andrea Gibson-Hey Galaxy

            I didn’t really like Andrea Gibson’s Hey Galaxy on first listen, because it didn’t seem like an album that was meant for me.  Gibson is one of the most famous performance poets in the world, and they’ve written a number of books and albums that are leagues more popular than other spoken word artists.  Gibson tackles a number of women’s and queer issues in their work, which is why it hadn’t really impacted me, but upon listening to this album again and again, I realized that this is an album that is just as much to inform cis, straight men as it is to give voice to the community Gibson comes from. Continue reading