STS: The Witch’s Brew Frap


Savor the Season is a new column from Burger-A-Day where writers discuss seasonal favorites.  Today, we’re talking about Starbucks’ limited new frappuccino just in time for Halloween!

Who says a cash grab can’t be good?  Starbucks’ limited release frappuccinos have been mostly bad, colorful (mainly purple) attempts to sell people aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts with so much sugar they’re undrinkable.  Nonetheless, it is Halloween so I figured if there was a time to try the Bucks’ Witch’s Brew Frap, it was today.  Unlike the Unicorn Frap or the Crystal Ball Frap, Starbucks really made something almost worthwhile.

One of the first things that you realize when you drink one of those is how strange a twenty-four year old bearded man must look walking around with a bright purple drink called “The Witch’s Brew Frap,” and the fact that these usually taste like someone dumped a pound of sugar in one of these makes it that much worse.  The Witch’s Brew Frap has the same pitfalls as the originals, but Starbs has finally decided to embrace a flavor I love! (I think).  This frap leans into orange, and it tastes more like a Creamsicle than anything else.  Creamsicles stand as an excellent treat, and it’s less embarrassing to walk around with that than the bright purple monstrosity that is this frap, no matter how small.

Most of the seasonal, special edition fraps rely on fruity, overwhelmingly sugary flavors to match the frivolous coloring.  The Witches Brew Frap is no different except for the fact that it’s tolerable.  If this was a regular menu item, I would order it on occasion.  It’s sweet, but the flavor is balanced between the vanilla and orange flavors.  The small boba like pebbles in it add an extra kick, but never a bad one.

Even though The Witch’s Brew Frap is advertised around Halloween, it really is more of a summer flavor. Orange cream is sort of an evergreen flavor, but it doesn’t really suit walking around listening to Black Sabbath or your favorite true crime podcast.  Of course, I did drink this as I walked around Bryant Park’s Winter Village, which opened it’s ice skating rink and Christmas shops today, when the weather was sixty degrees.  If New York doesn’t care what season it is, Starbucks probably shouldn’t either.

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