Pickle Me, Pete-Bryant Park, NY

Continuing our exploration of Bryant Park’s Winter Village

Fried pickles are an underrated masterpiece.  Fried mac-and-cheese bites reign supreme, but there’s something about a nice juicy pickle, covered in breading that makes them a savory appetizer.  They can burn your mouth, but having the hot pickle drip on your tongue is also a skill that makes them excellent.

Pickle Me Pete’s offers a variety of normal pickles as well as an extra spicy pickle.  When you order a fried pickle, they’ll give you a kebab of tiny, fried kosher pickles.  As mentioned, you should probably wait until after you’ve let them cool before you start biting them off the stick, but these pickles were a nice treat.  The pickle itself was solid.  The slices would have been nice on a sandwich or burger.  The breading was simple and could’ve easily been used for mozzarella sticks or mac-and-cheese bites.

The only real complaint I can make is that these were over breaded, or the pickles weren’t thick enough to really get a taste of them.  They were still good, and you could get the taste, but the hot pickle wasn’t exactly dripping out of the breading.  The hot sauce was a pleasant drizzle that helped give these a little kick.

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