Sigmund’s Pretzels-New York


Continuing our exploration of Bryant Park’s Winter Village…

When you think New York street food, you think hot dogs, but the closest runner up (and arguably, the underrated superior street food) is the big pretzel.  More often than not, these pretzels are a little dry, overly salted, and occasionally much heartier than you’d expect, but when you get a good pretzel, you know you’ve got a good one.  The truffle-cheddar pretzel that I tried from Sigmund’s Pretzels was a pretty damn good one.

Having been on a bit of a truffle kick lately, the truffle-cheddar pretzel seemed like a pretty obvious pick.  That being said, my choice was a minor regret.  I could have used something sweet after lunch, and my coffee didn’t necessarily compliment the full-pretzel.

That being said, this was a nice treat on a mid-fall afternoon.  It’s a good snack to hold you over between meals.  Also, having a warm pretzel is so satisfying as the mid-Fall chill picks up.  Having a pretzel with more varied flavor like the truffle-cheddar is much better than a bland hot dog cart pretzel.  It wasn’t too salty, and it was fluffy and moist enough that it wasn’t a chore to finish.  Even though these pretzels had probably been sitting from the original store since that morning, my pretzel still tasted fresh and I want to try more with more flavors or dipping sauces.

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