The Truffleist-Bryant Park,NY


Continuing our exploration of Bryant Park’s Winter Village.

Cheesesteaks are a reliable food.  They’re easy to do fine, but they’re difficult to make more interesting or better than they typically are.  Also, most people are sure to be more dismissive of cheesesteaks from outside of Philadelphia.  There’s no real reason for this, because you can get a solid cheesesteak pretty much anywhere.  Most are passable.  That being said, the truffle cheesesteak from Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist are excellent and a must-have from Bryant Park’s winter village.

Cheesesteaks by nature are pretty one-note.  Beef and cheese are the only real requirements, but you can add a little flare by adding peppers, onions, and more.  Adding truffle, makes the sandwich much more savory than it typically is.  It has more of a spice and a fuller flavor than a standard beef, cheese, onion, peppers would.  It’s a heartier sandwich than one may need on their lunch break, but it’s immensely satisfying.  The Truffleist also melts the cheese perfectly, and they don’t skimp on the beef.  Surely, a standard cheesesteak would be just as satisfying.  Also with options such as Provolone with Truffle Mustard or Burrata Cheesesteak, it’s easy to be drawn back in.

I’m sure to be returning to the Truffleist to try some of their other cheesesteaks.  The burrata has my name on it, or maybe, I’ll find someone to split the Truffle Cheesesteak Fries with.  The only complaint one would make is that the bread isn’t toasted enough, but that’s only if we’re really nitpicking.  This was a wise lunch break decision, leaving me full for the rest of the work day.

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