Crystal Fairy-Crystal Fairy

Here’s to the fans of hard-rock , for today we have an album that promises to pave way to a new wave of the genre. It’s an album that debuts a unique combo of feminine power, deep angst, and sweet riffs that come together to show us a glimpse into the future of rock, while still keeping things simple. This album is: Crystal Fairy, by Crystal Fairy.
The album doesn’t wait to kick into high gear, and immediately rips us into the band’s world of madness with “Chiseler.” It’s a song that hits hard with deep, heavy metal waves of guitar balanced out by breaks into smooth vocal leaps out of the soundscape. Here they peak for a brief moment that let’s us see the beauty that the band wants to bring into the genre. This beauty is amplified when, during the bridge, the piano falls in to help support a beautiful and empowering build that makes a triumphant cry saying, “This is our debut album, and it’s going to kick your ass.”

The album continues in this fashion, taking us on a journey through Crystal Fairy’s fantastic hellscape that ranges from deep, brooding sludge pieces to more traditional riff-centric rock explosions. The slower pieces never drag, and feel more like lulls in a storm, relaxing you only to let the chaos come crashing back just when you find a moment of respite. There is also great exploration into the different facets of what hard rock can mean. The instrumentation choices allow the band to even dive into somewhat bluesy but dark licks showcased in “Sweet Self.”

Highlights also include the titular song, “Crystal Fairy”, as well as the disturbing and brooding “Under Trouble.” These two songs could not be more different, yet they make perfect sense when juxtaposed in the album. “Crystal Fairy” showcases the band’s best riffs and grooves that solidify their role as hard rock talents, while “Under Trouble” allows Teri Gender Bender to really show off her powerful vocals amidst the demonic shrieks and moans in the air around her in a soundscape that sounds almost as if it was made by Radiohead.

Overall, if you’re a fan of any of the supergroup’s previous acts, you’ll find this album up your alley. Hell, if you’re a fan of rock in general there are songs that’ll be in your alley. The group has truly made a step into the music world that promises a revolution of the genre. Keep an eye out for these guys, as they’re going to be doing big things if they keep going.
Logan Fine

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