On the Edge of Glory with Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl


via The Fader

The Super Bowl is known for being the conclusion of the NFL season, the commercials, food and the half time show. The half time show is one of the biggest music performances of the years. From Sir Paul McCartney to Beyonce, the biggest names in music have been asked to perform and this year was no different. When it was announced that Lady Gaga was announced as Super Bowl 51’s half time performer, there was talk about what she would do. Lady Gaga is known for not being afraid to push boundaries and speak her mind. With the largest political event of the last several months still looming, many wondered if she would call out President Trump and his policies.


Via Mirror

The performance opened with a pre-recording of Gaga standing on the edge of the top of the stadium. She sang “God Bless America” and “This Land is your Land” with drones behind her forming the country and the American Flag. She then “jumped” into the stadium. The live performance started with her suspended in air being lowered to the stage. She performed a melody of hits spanning her career from The Fame to Joanne (with the notable exception of no songs from ARTPOP). She performed “Born This Way” which is about being proud of who you are. Along with this song and the two songs she started with, she could have being pointing the finger at Trump and his some of his policies.


Via CNN.com

Gaga also performed “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Telephone,” “Million Reasons,” “Bad Romance” with elements of “Paparazzi,” “LoveGame,” “Dance in the Dark” and “The Edge of Glory.” She incorporated dance moves from previous music videos and the dancers’ outfits paid homage to previous eras of her career. She ended her performance by dropping her mic and jumping off the stage while catching a football.


Jax Descloux

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