2016 Albums to look forward to in 2017: Albums We Missed

There was a lot of good music that came out in 2016, and it’s terrible.  Of course, no one is complaining about the excellent tunes, but the greater amount of good music, the harder it is to keep up with.  There’s so much music that you couldn’t possibly give everything a thorough listen; therefore, here are some of the albums that won’t make my best-of list and may be on my honorable mentions list, but I still plan on giving a much more complete listen to in the end of 2016 and in 2017.

  1. Beyoncé-Lemonade

In defense of myself: I only really listen to music using Apple Music, and this album isn’t on it.

  1. Radiohead-A Moon Shaped Pool

In defense of myself: This album came out around the same time that the new Modern Baseball record came out.  It also came out while I was in my finals week for the last week of college.

  1. White Lung-Paradise

In defense of myself: I do think I really would enjoy this, if I gave it a listen.  What I’ve heard is pretty damn good.

  1. Pinegrove-Cardinal

In defense of myself: By the time the year ends, I’ll have seen Pinegrove twice.  I did listen to this one probably the most this year.  I just feel like I didn’t give it the attention it deserves.

  1. David Bowie-Blackstar

In defense of myself: There is none.  I’m a big Bowie fan, and since he’s passed, I really should have listened.

  1. Jeff Rosenstock-Worry

In defense of myself: To be honest, I’m still only just getting into We Cool? so there’s that.

  1. Leonard Cohen-You Want it Darker

In defense of myself: Same case as Bowie.  I really should have listened to this more.

  1. Angel Olsen-My Woman

In defense of myself: I did really enjoy Olsen’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness, but I just let this slip beneath the radar.

  1. Sturgill Simpson-A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

In defense of myself: I’ve only recently gotten into Simpson’s brand of country, and I’ve been listening to Jason Isbell most of the year.

  1. Car Seat Headrest-Teens of Denial

In defense of myself: Every time I start listening to this album, I just get hooked on the first song, because it’s so damn catchy.


After all that, there’s definitely more that should be on that list, but since they came out so late, I’ll just give you a flash of late in the year greats that I think I’ll love: The Weeknd’s Starboy, Childish Gambino’s “Awaken My Love,” Metallica’s Hardwired…To Self Destruct, and A Tribe Called Quest’s We Got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

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