More Labels Donating to Charities


Lame-O Records and Topshelf Records have joined Aaron West, Run For Cover, and Tiny Engines as labels that are donating to charities in response to President Elect Donald Trump’s victory.  Lame-O has all their releases up as “pay-what-you-want” on Bandcamp.  Topshelf Records is donating via a label subscription and a portion of all pre-orders.  Read a statement from Topshelf below:

Hey. We gotta just come out real quick and just say—without getting overly political or whatever—we’ve been struggling the last week or so with how to navigate the real-world things going on while having things of our own going on—things that we need to share and post about on social media (our roster is touring and depending on us and we want to support them the best we can, of course). With everything else going on, though, it feels trivial and something we’ve been feeling very torn about.

We’ve given a lot of thought to music’s place in a time like this; how it can help console and empower along with ways we can best elevate and support the people whom need it most right now. Earlier this year, you helped us raise $2500 for Planned Parenthood. The issues being faced now are not going away, though, so we feel they require an effort on our part that won’t either. We’ll be starting a tiered label subscription in 2017. Each tier will include ways to contribute to each of the following three important organizations:

Planned Parenthood Action
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
The Trevor Project

Additionally, a portion of all proceeds for all pre-orders we take for all albums going forward will contribute equally to each of these organizations. Lastly, we will be making as much of our catalog as we can available for pay-what-you-want download for the rest of the year with all proceeds benefiting each organization equally.

Black lives matter. LGBTQIA lives matter. Women and their choices over their bodies matter. People of color matter.

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