Monday Mixtape: 11/16 (You Blew It!, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Run the Jewels)

You Blew It!-“Sundial Song”

The Florida math-rockers have released the excellent Abendrot.  The album is much more textured than the straightforward yet intricate punk of the group’s previous work.  The whole album is worth the listen, but “Sundial Song” is an early standout.

A Tribe Called Quest-“We The People…”

Tribe has released their final album, and “We The People…” is a catchy, charged anthem.  The hip-hop legends’ SNL performance this week only establishes A Tribe Called Quest as one of rap’s greatest groups ever.

Leonard Cohen-“Hallelujah” (As Performed by Kate McKinnon)

We lost a legend during this difficult week.  Kate McKinnon’s simple tribute to Leonard Cohen was fittingly emotional to open up Saturday Night Live, and it is a reminder that no one should give up hope.  We’ll always remember this as an important election as we remember Leonard Cohen’s unbeatable songs.

Run The Jewels-“2100”

Another song that is equal parts emotional and hard-hitting, “2100” assures that Run The Jewels’ third effort will be nothing short of incredible.  El-P and Killer Mike provided both feelings of remorse and uplifting strength.  Killer Mike assures fans to “laugh hard and live long,” through political remorse.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die-“January 10th, 2014”

TWIABP’s first single from Harmlessness seemed fitting.  As reports of attacks and violence spread across the nation, the line “Make Evil Afraid of Evil’s Shadow” is an incredible slogan of strength, hopefully stronger than “Make America Great Again.”


The Police frontman reopened Paris’s Bataclan this past week, opening with this song and a minute of silence for the victims of last year’s attacks.  The song’s message is still incredibly pertinent worldwide.

Mitski-“Your Best American Girl”

Mitski’s lead single from Puberty 2 originally seemed like just a take on not feeling completely in line with American culture, but it’s incredibly pertinent now.  In a Trump-presidency, Mitski’s music is much more pertinent.

Green Day-“American Idiot”

This song has been in heavy rotation since last Tuesday for obvious reasons…

Bob Dylan-“Blowin’ in the Wind”

Dylan’s protest song has always seemed hopefully, and now, I think what we need most is hope.

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