10 Songs for 4 years: A Playlist for a Trump Presidency.

Now, the polls have closed. Clinton won the popular vote, but Donald Trump received the majority of electoral votes. He will be our next president. Eight years of progress will be undone once Trump takes office in January. While I legitimately do hope that Trump is a good president, my better senses tell me he won’t be. Even though it seems that no good can come of all of this, some of my favorite music came out of anger for politicians. Here are some songs for a Trump presidency:

Green Day-“Holiday”

American Idiot has been in heavy rotation today. Even though the title track is often used as the marker for discontent, “Holiday” is easily the most political fueled track on the album. Billie Joe has recently been altering the lyrics to include “Pulverize the Donald Trump Towers,” and just as Green Day amplified a nation’s disgust in 2004, this song still rings true.

Bad Religion-“Fuck Armageddon… This is Hell”

Bad Religion has always been a politically charged force in punk rock. Dr. Greg Graffin rails against war, pollution and religion in this very short track. “How could Hell be any worse?”

Modern Baseball-“Bart to the Future Part 2: The Musical”

MoBo’s contribution to the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign is easily one of the best. Now that the race is over, there’s so many questions Brendan Lukens asks that the millions who voted for Hillary are definitely asking now. We now wish that we could tell Donald to “Piss off” and “get lost.”

Ramones-“Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”

This Ramones number is about Ronald Reagan’s controversial visit to an SS cemetery. Joey Ramone’s words are just as relevant now. The sentiments of anger and confusion while watching something disturbing unfold on TV. So many of Ramone’s lyrics about money, Hitler and politics ring just as true to Trump as they do to Donald.

Killer Mike-“Reagan”

Killer Mike has had a decent amount to do with this election cycle. He brings another Reagan song that echoes many emotions about the current president elect. Reagan may be dead, but we’re stuck with four years of Trump.

Kevin Devine-“Both Ways”

Devine’s surfy-punk is both parts critical and catchy. The second verse stings as Devine calls out those who “weaponize Jesus” or say “All Lives Matter, unless they’re immigrant, woman or black.” Devine disguises this scorcher with sugary sweet guitar licks.

Kendrick Lamar-“The Blacker the Berry”

Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly is a masterpiece, and the venom in Lamar’s voice on “The Blacker the Berry” is brutal. It makes you just want to spit in Donald’s face, figuratively and literally.

AJJ-“An American Tune”

Satire is a powerful tool. It’s good to feel angry. It’s good to feel sad. It’s also important to laugh and take the piss out of things. This is the funniest song on this list, and I hope it gives you a laugh at the least. It’s still relevant.

Bryan McPherson-“I See A Flag”

McPherson is a powerful songwriter in his ability to build with only his voice, a harmonica and a guitar. He addresses a number of different issues from drugs, police brutality, Wall Street corruption, and education. These are all from an album released four years ago, and it seems they’re just going to become more prevalent issues.

Adult Mom-“Survival”

It’s been an emotional whirlwind over the past 24 hours.  The LGBTQ community is one that Trump and Pence have threatened, but Steph Knipe’s anthem of surviving will constantly reassure that the communities that a Trump presidency threatens can and will fight and survive.

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