Artists on Election’s Eve

The polls will open in about eight hours.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting their last minute rallies in before the big day.  A number of artists have performed a wide variety of songs over the past weekend not only to promote their preferred candidate but also to promote voting.  Here are  some choice picks beginning with Win Butler of Arcade Fire performing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” during the Preservation Jazz Hall Band’s “Jam the Vote” last night.

And here’s Springsteen earlier this evening at a Clinton rally in Philadelphia.

Green Day performed their classic “American Idiot” during MTV’s EMA awards, swapping out one obscenity for a jab at Donald Trump.

Trump had Ted Nugent play at a recent rally.  Here’s a clip of him playing exactly what you’d expect him to play.

Modern Baseball made this addition to the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign earlier today.

Death Cab for Cutie were the first in the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign, and tonight, they gave us an animated video for “Million Dollar Loan.”

Madonna performed an impromptu acoustic gig in New York’s Washington Square Park for Clinton, tonight.

Perhaps, most notably, Jay-Z and Beyoncé performed at a Clinton rally on Friday, and Donald can’t let it go.


Now, go vote!

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