Donald Trump attempts to compete with Clinton’s Jay-Z rally with Ted Nugent.

At a recent rally, Hillary Clinton supporters were treated to a performance by A-Listers Jay-Z and Beyoncé (plus guests Chance the Rapper and Big Sean).  The following day, Donald Trump bashed Jay-Z’s use of profanity.  He also tried to tell the audience that he was better, because he had “no guitar, no pianos.”

Trump has continued his “no guitar, no pianos” line even though Ted Nugent opened up his rally by playing guitar at a Michigan rally.  Nugent also used the same profanity and obscene gestures that Donald has condemned.  Comparatively, Clinton did have two performers with over 20 years of iconic music.  Trump only has a guy who hasn’t put out a good album since Cat Scratch Fever.

Remember to go out and vote tomorrow.  Otherwise, we may have to hear “Cat Scratch Fever” for the next four years, and no one wants that.


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